Do you know of a public school that is addressing dyslexia?

Decoding Dyslexia CA needs your input!  Do you know of a public school (or school district) in California that is addressing the needs of our dyslexic students? Please take 2-3 minutes to complete this quick survey.  DDCA appreciates your feedback.

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You Asked! Question 9

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Q9:  The school found my student eligible for Special Education under the eligibility category “Specific Learning Disability” with an “impairment in basic reading” (or an “impairment in reading fluency”), could my student have dyslexia?

A:  Yes, under 5 CCR Section 3030(b)(10) dyslexia is specifically listed as an example of a specific learning disability.  Identification of a specific learning disability with a deficit in basic reading or reading fluency could very likely indicate that your student has dyslexia.

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