Posters & Handouts

Decoding Dyslexia California is pleased to offer several images for your use to raise awareness in presentations and informational displays.

Faces of Dyslexia 11x17 Faces of Dyslexia 8x11

Faces of Dyslexia 8×1111×13

DDInfo1 CA 8.5x11

What is Dyslexia 4×68×1111×13





Signs of Dyslexia 4×68×1111×13









The images above are copyrighted and may be subject to certain other legal rights. You may utilize each image for Dyslexia Awareness (not commercial) use only. They may not be used for resale and you may not create derivative works from the imagery for resale.

Here are informational handouts.  Decoding Dyslexia CA has guidelines for the use of their logo which can be found here.























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