Decoding Dyslexia CA is pleased to offer several flyers for your use to raise awareness in presentations and informational displays. 

Dyslexia Facts vs. Myths

What dyslexia is...and what dyslexia is not.

What is Dyslexia?

Learn more about dyslexia and its characteristics.

We Support Families

From support groups to a comprehensive library of dyslexia-related questions and answers, we aim to empower families to support their children.

Phonological Awareness Skills by Age

Deficits in phonological awareness are an early marker for dyslexia.

Senate Bill 114: Universal Screening

Kindergarten through 2nd grade universal screening for reading difficulties, including risk of dyslexia, is the first step in closing academic gaps, before students fall behind.

Universal Screening Fact Sheet

Find out what research shows about universal screening for children at risk of dyslexia.

New Literacy Standards for Teacher Candidates

California Dyslexia Guidelines and structured literacy to be required learning for teacher candidates in California.

Sold a Story

A thorough podcast on how teaching kids to read went so wrong.

Resources for Educators

Compilation of free and low-cost structured literacy trainings and teacher training scholarship programs.