Our Story

Decoding Dyslexia CA is a grassroots movement driven by California families, educators and professionals who recognize the need for conversations with our school districts and policy makers regarding dyslexia. We strive to raise dyslexia awareness, empower families to support their children, and improve resources for students with dyslexia in California public schools.

Our group is made up of families who have dyslexic children, educators and others who are passionate about addressing dyslexia.  We offer other parents and educators the benefit of our collective experiences. We encourage parents to connect with one another, tell the story of their child, meet with school officials and their local policy-makers and ask for policies and/or legislation to identify and support children with dyslexia in our public schools.

Dyslexia does not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, intelligence or socioeconomic background, however DDCA recognizes that educational inequities exist that can create significant barriers for children of color, English Learners, and children with disadvantaged socioeconomic status in our CA public schools. DDCA does not tolerate racism or discrimination in any form and passionately believes that literacy is a civil right.

We hope to create a collective voice in California and across the country with one mission – to improve awareness and educational resources for students with dyslexia. Come join us!

In 4 years our movement grew to 50 states with Decoding Dyslexia Chapters.