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September 2016

“DDCA and IDA-LA Testify in Support of LAUSD Dyslexia Resolution September 20, 2016″… – Decoding Dyslexia CA Los Angeles Regional Leaders Pam Cohen & Sherry Rubalcava collaborated with the Los Angeles Branch of the International Dyslexia Association’s President, Mara Wiesen and Vice-President, Lauren Quient.  Together they petitioned Los Angeles Unified School Board members Mr. Schmerelson, Mr. Ziimer, & Dr. McKenna to draft a dyslexia resolution to recognize October as Dyslexia Awareness Month…click HERE to continue reading

August 2016

“Presentation and Book Signing by Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley!”…Meet Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley of the Dyslexia Training Institute, in the San Francisco Bay Area on September 17th, as she discusses dyslexia advocacy and signs her new book, Dyslexia Advocate! How to Advocate for a Child with Dyslexia within the Public Education System…click HERE to continue reading

“DDCA sends our thoughts to Dr. Wagner and his family”…As part of DDCA movement, we ask that you spend a moment sending our thoughts to Dr. Richard Wagner and his family. Dr. Wagner’s wife was brutally & senselessly stabbed in London on August 3rd, 2016…click HERE to continue reading

July 2016

“DDCA, Cal State East Bay & NCBIDA Sponsor Orton-Gillingham Training for Public School Teachers”Cal State East Bay, Decoding Dyslexia CA (DDCA) and the Northern California Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (NCBIDA) sponsored 32 participants (comprised primarily of public school teachers representing 16 different school districts) at a 4-day Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham workshop….click HERE to continue reading

“CA Department of Education Updates its Website for Dyslexia”…CDE has added new content to its website to provide information about the Dyslexia Guidelines Work Group (created under AB 1369), archived meetings, current law, and related documents and organizations….click HERE to continue reading

“Dyslexia Advocates Convene on National Mall to Celebrate Dyslexia Progress Nationwide”…Sacramento, CA July 6, 2016 — On Monday, July 11, from 3-5 pm (EDT), dyslexia advocates from across the USA will convene at the United States Capitol in DC for the inaugural #sayDyslexia Rally 2016. The Rally kicks off 3 days of dyslexia events…click HERE to continue reading

May 2016

“CA State PTA Adopts Statewide Dyslexia Resolution”  San Diego, CA, [May 7, 2016] – The California State PTA voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of adopting a statewide resolution entitled “Dyslexia:  Addressing the Educational Implications in Public Schools” submitted by San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs with help from Decoding Dyslexia CA (DDCA)…click HERE to continue reading

April 2016

“CDE Dyslexia Program Guidelines Workgroup Information”
Official Message from the Policy and Program Services Unit of the Special Education Division:  Assembly Bill 1369, Statutes of 2015, requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop and to complete in time for use no later than the beginning of the 2017–18 academic year, program guidelines for dyslexia. The guidelines will be used to assist regular education teachers, special education teachers, and parents to identify and…click HERE to continue reading

March 2016

“Beyond the Headlines Now Available Online!”
Decoding Dyslexia CA would like to thank Cheryl Jennings, ABC-7, Ltg. Gavin Newsom, Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Lisa and Sophia Granucci, Donna and Durrell, Deborah Jacobson, and Erin Farber…click HERE to continue reading

February 2016

“Beyond the Headlines” with Cheryl Jennings”
Cheryl Jennings of ABC7 in the San Francisco Bay Area is doing a segment on Dyslexia on her upcoming show “Beyond the Headlines”. The segment will air…click HERE to continue reading

“1st Dyslexia Bill Heads to The U.S. President’s Desk”
Washington, D.C. – The House of Representatives today cleared the way for the bipartisan Research Excellence and Advancements for Dyslexia Act (READ Act) (H.R. 3033) to be signed into law. The READ Act, introduced by Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas), supports important research to further our understanding of dyslexia, including better methods for early detection and teacher training…click HERE to continue reading

“Assemblyman Jim Frazier’s Recognition Event February 13th, 2016”
Decoding Dyslexia CA would like to thank everyone that traveled from near and far to participate in honoring Jim Frazier for championing AB 1369…click HERE to continue reading

January 2016

“DDCA Invites you to Join us in Honoring Jim Frazier as Assemblyman of the Year 2015”
Please SAVE THE DATE and RSVP for this important award ceremony!  Decoding Dyslexia CA will honor Jim Frazier as Assemblyman of the Year 2015!  We are so grateful to Jim for his commitment to the dyslexic community and as author/champion…click HERE to continue reading

“Cheryl Jennings with ABC 7 Evening News Reports on Dyslexia”
A new law is going into effect starting this year that acknowledges a learning disorder called dyslexia in the education code. This will help children get access to special education and related services…click HERE to continue reading

“UCSF Dyslexia Center”
Decoding Dyslexia CA is excited to welcome UCSF Dyslexia Center to Facebook.  We encourage everyone to take the time to visit their Facebook page here to “Like and Follow” UCSF and keep up on the latest research and developments…Click HERE to continue reading

October 2015

“AB 1369 Signed into Law by Governor Jerry Brown October 8th, 2015”
Today, October 8th at 2:22pm, we received a phone call that our bill, AB 1369, had been signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown!  Today California families rejoice together in knowing that our voices were heard…click HERE to continue reading

“Say Dyslexia!”
U.S. Department of Education Issues Guidance on Dyslexia.  In a historic move, the United States Department of Education’s Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services has issued guidance…click HERE to continue reading