University Avenue: Preparing Students for a Successful Road to College

November 3, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Tri-County IDA


University Avenue: Preparing the LD and ADHD Student for a Successful Road to College


Jan Kerchner

Preparing for college is challenging for any student and parent.  Overlay the complexities of a learning difference, dyslexia, or Attention Deficit, and it can seem overwhelming.  It’s a high stakes situation when a student flounders in college because they are not ready for the academic rigor or the independent life. This session will provide an assessment to determine if your student appears to be ready for college and what to do to help them prepare.  We will discuss the factors to consider when choosing a college that meets the needs of your student and present information about the various college support programs available in US colleges. Attendees will walk away with tools they can use to guide their student in this process and help them achieve their collegiate goals. The presenter is a certified educational planner who has spent nearly 15 years preparing students with learning differences for college.

Learning objectives:

  • To share an assessment tool for determining a student’s readiness for college
  • To provide information on preparing students for a successful college experience
  • To educate parents, teachers and counselors on the various options for campus support for students attending college
  • To provide information on how to determine if a college support program meets the needs of your student
  • To provide examples of different types of campus support programs throughout the United States

Do you know – or do you work with – a student who is preparing to consider or to go to college?  Have you wondered what strategies you can use to help the student prepare?

If so, then…………
   ***This webinar is for You!

Introducing Jan Kerchner

Jan Kerchner founded the College Blueprint ADDvantage to provide a comprehensive resource for college bound students and families challenged by LD, ADHD, and High-functioning Autism. She had a vision and mission to assist students and their parents with preparing for college and finding the right fit for each student along that student’s personalized college path and transformed her vision into a vibrant college counseling practice. Jan and her staff of credentialed counselors support students across southern California, the mid- Atlantic region, the entire United States and internationally.

In addition to her private practice, Jan consults with private schools, and with public school districts including Long Beach Unified, one of the largest districts in California, as well as several others in southern California. Having toured extensively, Jan continues to evaluate hundreds of university campuses across the country and speaks frequently on college admissions.

Jan is a Certified Educational Planner, has an MBA from Cornell University, B.S. from Penn State in Human Development, and a College Counseling Certificate from UCLA. Additionally, she is a Professional Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), CHADD, Learning Disabilities Association, and the National Association of College Admissions Counselors.

Jan and her husband have resided in southern California for over 30 years. They raised three children with ADHD; all have graduated from college and are successfully launched in professional careers.

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Typical Q and A:

  1. What if I cannot make the start time for this webinar?  You can join us at any time. Afterwards, you will receive a copy of the entire presentation, including the audio portion. This will enable you to review the material, or if necessary, catch up on anything you may have missed.
  2. Will I receive a copy of the Powerpoint prior to the start of the webinar?  We will do everything in our power to make this happen!!
  3. Will there be background noise from the other people on the line that interferes with whether or not I am able to listen to the speaker?  We do everything we can to prevent this. One way is that we mute everyone while the speaker is talking.
  4. Is there an opportunity for me to ask questions?  Definitely YES!  You may ask a question at any time by writing your question in the space provided. The speaker will answer it at an appropriate time. At some points, we will unmute specific participants who have their hand up to ask a question.

A webinar?  What is it?

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