Santa Clara County Dyslexia Support Group

We are a group of parents/caregivers and educators who get together monthly to offer support, share ideas and resources, and empower each other as we experience the successes and challenges of supporting children with dyslexia, and other processing or learning differences. The group is parent/caregiver-moderated and free.  It is intended to be a safe place where parents can freely share what they are going through with others who understand.  Members who have managed similar challenges are able to offer insight, experience and support.  If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to the email listed below.

When: Last Wednesday of the month.

Location: Meetings are on Zoom; RSVP to
Contact for details.

Leader/Contact information:
Nicole Basler, Andrea Perdichizzi, Carrie Rozoff, and Kristen Koeller