What can we do to Solve the Puzzle?

It can be incredibly frustrating as a parent in watching your dyslexic child struggle every day in school and in doing homework at night because they are unable to read and spell at grade level. Hearing a child say that they “hate school” or that they “are stupid” are heartbreaking experiences for parents and teachers.

Navigating the public school system and understanding special education laws in attempting to get your child help can feel overwhelming as a parent. Discovering that after all the struggles you have been through to access services for your child, the school is still not using an evidence-based reading program appropriate for children with dyslexia is unacceptable. Finding that your child’s teacher wants to help but feels helpless to do so as they do not have the resources and were not provided the training or materials to help kids with dyslexia.

You are not alone. These struggles are a recurring theme that parents and teachers share with us all the time.

WHAT WE CAN DO?   We can gather as parents. We can talk as educators. We can share our experiences and stories about getting help for our kids in school.  We can make our voices heard by speaking as a group to school administrators, school boards and state policymakers.  As a group, we can share the tools and strategies needed to begin improving dyslexia education in California.  Imagine the impact we could have and the lives we could change.

Get Educated.