Los Angeles Unified Providing Districtwide Orton-Gillingham Professional Development

DDCA is happy to share strides being made in the Los Angeles Unified School District when it comes to investing in teacher training to support struggling readers, especially those with characteristics of dyslexia.  During the 2021-2022 school year, the Division of Instruction and the Division of Special Education are collaborating to provide 30-40 hours of professional development in the Orton-Gillingham Approach for teams of five teachers at each elementary school and teams of three teachers at each secondary school in the district.  Every principal is expected to designate a diverse team to participate in the training, including special education teachers, general education teachers, and other staff.

“The Orton-Gillingham Approach educator course empowers teachers as clinicians to develop a deep knowledge of how the English language works and how the brain learns to read.  They will also learn how to plan and monitor student learning by following a systematic and cumulative scope and sequence; using assessment data, and planning explicit and multi-sensory lessons.  As our students return to in-person instruction, it will be imperative for us to be as highly effective as possible in ensuring our students receive the most effective instruction to master reading proficiency.”

-Mary Ann Sullivan, Coordinator, TK-12 Instruction, Division of Special Education, Los Angeles Unified  School District

DDCA encourages anyone in the LAUSD district to follow up with their school to ensure that they are taking advantage of this opportunity for teacher training.