In Defense of the Truth: A Reply to 57 Reading Voices on the Issue of Dyslexia, by Dr. Dykstra

Dyslexia is real and relevant.  Thanks to Steven P. Dykstra, PhD for providing the following guidance to the Decoding Dyslexia State Chapters.Decoding Dyslexia CA

You may or may not be aware of a letter from 57 backers of balanced literacy sent to officials of the Public Broadcasting System, taking issue with the way PBS covered “What Parents of Dyslexic Children are Teaching Schools about Literacy”.  The letter is now in wide distribution and is being promoted by Reading Recovery as well as the ILA and its state organizations.  If it hasn’t come to your state or been sent to your legislators, it will be.  

Attached you will find a well-written, point-by-point response from Dr. Steven P. Dykstra, including the letter to PBS and other documents.  Please share this widely so we can dispel some of the erroneous information surrounding dyslexia that is being circulated.